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Community Class - Yoga for Affordable Hockey

FYI This is a hot yoga class.

A donation based yoga class to support young kids who want to play Canada’s game. As someone who had to stop playing hockey at a young age because of how expensive it was I am passionate about giving back to this community in a meaningful way. Team sports like hockey are an amazing way for kids to develop stronger communication skills, understand the value of teamwork and help them stay active. The time I spent at the rink, in the locker room, and on the ice are some of my favourite childhood memories and I wish I didn’t have to stop because of a growth spurt and the cost of new equipment. That’s why I’ve chosen to partner with KidSport Ontario to help in any way I can to keep the NHL dream alive for today’s youth.
This class is $5 cash donation only.

When can I take this class?

The schedule is under maintenance. We are open. Please check times here.